Monday, September 13, 2010

Stumped by the Punk: part one

All afternoon I was trying to guess what might be in that box! Are they crystals, will it be findings, or tools? I was hoping it was something new for me to try.
I was so excited to come home and open my Blog Partner box from Rings & Things, I was also excited to hear that it was a box and not just a little envelope. I tore that box open, like it was the last night of Hanukkah (Christmas morning, for you gentiles).

Then came a word that I've seen, I've heard but I had never considered: Steampunk.
I know it's huge right now, but honestly I'm not sure I even know what it actually means. At first I was a little disappointed, but then I started thinking. I asked for something new and well, that's exactly what I got.

So Here you go, this is what was in the package. Not sure what I'm going to do with them now, but I'm sure I'll come up with something! Any and all suggestions welcome!
Oh, and you'll be the first to know when I do.

Friday, September 3, 2010

So Excited!

This month I was one of the lucky 10 winners Rings & Things blog partner goodie box!
I can't wait to get it and see what neat things I can do with the stuff!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I know I haven't written in a really long, long, loooong time. I'm sorry. I really am, but I haven't had much to say. I got a job, I've been busy (I know, not an excuse) whatever. So this moved me. It moved me to the point of writing.

Years ago, I started reading the online journal of Alicia Parlette. She was 23 when diagnosed with some nasty cancer. She was diagnosed just one year after her mother passed away of cancer.

At the time she started her journal, Jason and I were still living in the Bay Area. We read along with her life, her treatments and her ups and downs. Being that we lived in close proximity and her journals were printed in the local papers, we felt like we knew her.

We followed Alicia's story for years. It had it's ups and downs, but Alicia was a trooper, she was a survivor.

Alicia passed away this passed week.

I can not explain how much this has affected me. Over the years, I've felt that I've known Alicia. This is a person I've never met, but I've read about, and I've read her writing. She always wrote honestly. She wrote what she knew. I can not tell you how sad I am that she is no longer with us. But, I am glad she isn't in pain, I would never want her suffering.

I'm not the best writer, not the best at expressing me feelings via typing, but in my heart, I cry for Alicia.

Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Phenomenal Customer Service

I am just so blown away by this company I had to blog about them.

I've been looking for a certain kind and color of Japanese paper that I've been using for the base color in my pendants. I had no idea what it was called. There are many, many varieties of Japanese paper with different types of fiber and textures.

I sent an email on July 8th to the nice people at The Japanese Paper Place who in turn suggested I contact Paper Jade, one of the online retailers that sells the paper JPP imports. That same day I sent an email to Paper Jade and received a response within a few hours. They gave me the address to send a sample of the paper to and said that they would be glad to try to match it.

They sent me an email on Monday July 13th saying that they got the sample in the mail and said that they thought it was closest to their Kikusui Parchment paper and emailed the supplier to see if it came in other colors.

This morning, Tuesday, they sent me another email saying that they heard back form the supplier and that they suggested the Moriki Kozo Papers in the spring colors.

I placed my order today, the shipping was free and I got notification with in an hour that it shipped via Priority Mail.

Moral of the story: Customer service is so important, and because of theirs I will be purchasing from and recommending them via blog, twitter, email and conversation for a long time. Thank you again for the beyond any expectation customer service!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bead Show Tour

Well, that was fun! I've been looking forward to this for weeks. There were a few things I was going to order online at Rings & Things but I figured since I was going, I would wait and see if I could find what I needed at the show.

The show started at 1pm. I arrived at about ten past. I met a nice lady named Michelle in the parking lot and we went in together.
When you walk in, you are greeted by smiling employees that hand you a tray and explain the pricing, then you are let loose in a large room with I would guess about 36 or more tables that are a good 6 feet in length each. Now mind you I am guessing, but there were 5 - 6 rows down and 4 - 5 rows across. They had the precious and semi-precious stones around the outsides and the yummy 50% plus an additional 15% off tables in the center.

I walked across the back row somewhat quickly, looking but just that. I headed for the metal tables first, since that was what I was primarily there for. There was half a table of silver chain, I must have spent a good ten minutes pulling rolls of chain and putting them in my tray. Rings & Things was nice enough to have a chart with the item numbers and a piece of chain, so you could feel and get a good idea of what was on the roll.

I picked out three rolls:
This one
This one
This one

I also got some lobster claw clasps and some crimp tubes with loops.

All of the metal I got was the same price as the catalog and website, but I didn't have to pay shipping and it was exactly what I wanted and needed.

Then I moved on to the rest of the show.

There was a table of pre-made bracelets that were nice and under $5 each. I got 4, hope my Mom will take one or two off my hands, but either way, a good deal.

I'm not sure what these are, maybe stone, maybe glass, but they were pretty and $2 a strand.

I also purchased a few other strands... I just couldn't resist.

I got a strand of tiny flat rectangle Peridot, a strand of cube rectangle Red Aventurine and my favorite, a strand of 6mm cube Natural Agate. Green and Orange, shocker!

And last but certainly not least, (Thanks Dave!!!)

I'm thinking of hanging him in my rear view mirror, but not sure yet, either way, I LOVE him!

All in all, best bead show in Massachusetts! I will be going the next time they are around, hopefully with more money!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tweetdeck for Twitter

I heard a lot of people last night talking about how to rt and dm. These are some people that I read all of the time on twitter. So I thought I would help then out and post a tutorial on tweetdeck.
You can download tweetdeck here. It's free and once set up, totally easy to use.

I like tweetdeck because, it's easy. I can filter (make groups) and change things easily. You can also get updates on your facebook feeds.

Here is a screen shot of what mine looks like:

The first column is feed from everyone, and by everyone, I mean every person you are following. My second column I named "read" and I've selected people that I find interesting, people that I interact with, and certain funny stars I want to read. I add and subtract people from this list (mostly add) all of the time. If someone rt's me or @replys me and I like their tweets, I will add them.
My third column is my @replys, and the 4th is facebook updates. There are also 3 more columns you can't see. Direct messages, favorites and trending twitter topics I barely look at these.
I'm thinking about adding another group so i can break out regular tweeps and etsy tweeps, not sure yet though.

At the top there are buttons most of which I don't personally use. On the left grouping the first button is the only one I use. It opens the window you can type into. On the right, the only one I use is the one that looks like a wrench. That's how you change the settings.

Sorry for my poor photoshop drawings, but # 1 shows one of my favorite things about tweetdeck. When you scroll over someone icon it gives you a bunch of options. The top left is the @reply button, bottom left is the re-tweet (rt) and it will automatically copy and paste the rt, @ and text for you. Top right is to direct message someone.
#2, Tweetdeck has pop up notifications. It tells you how many of all frinds have tweeted and how many of your group has.

The bottom right is called other actions. When you click on it there are two options, user and tweet.

Under user, you can add the person to one of your groups. You can follow someone, unfollow someone, view their profile or search. (you can also see a profile by clicking on the username below the tweet).

Under tweet, you can add a tweet to your favorites, you can email the tweet, translate, untranslate, mark as read or delete.

One of my favorite things about tweetdeck, and I'm not sure I can explain this well, if you notice in the photo above, on the side bar isn't all the way to the top. When I need to concentrate on something, or at night when I'm done tweeting but I don't want to miss all the great tweets you guys post, I leave the scroll bar down one tweet, it stays on that tweet and in the morning or later in the day, I just scroll up and I don't miss anything. For me, it's easier than reading back.

So these are my tips, please contact me if you have any question.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I thought about doing a cat a day photo, but I am realistic enough to know I can't keep that commitment. So here are a few shots of Chloe.

I love cat nose close-ups!

I made her a catnip pillow. I think she likes it.

She looks stoned. Too much catnip.

I'm in your box, sitting on your magazines.

And...The Money Shot!