Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tweetdeck for Twitter

I heard a lot of people last night talking about how to rt and dm. These are some people that I read all of the time on twitter. So I thought I would help then out and post a tutorial on tweetdeck.
You can download tweetdeck here. It's free and once set up, totally easy to use.

I like tweetdeck because, it's easy. I can filter (make groups) and change things easily. You can also get updates on your facebook feeds.

Here is a screen shot of what mine looks like:

The first column is feed from everyone, and by everyone, I mean every person you are following. My second column I named "read" and I've selected people that I find interesting, people that I interact with, and certain funny stars I want to read. I add and subtract people from this list (mostly add) all of the time. If someone rt's me or @replys me and I like their tweets, I will add them.
My third column is my @replys, and the 4th is facebook updates. There are also 3 more columns you can't see. Direct messages, favorites and trending twitter topics I barely look at these.
I'm thinking about adding another group so i can break out regular tweeps and etsy tweeps, not sure yet though.

At the top there are buttons most of which I don't personally use. On the left grouping the first button is the only one I use. It opens the window you can type into. On the right, the only one I use is the one that looks like a wrench. That's how you change the settings.

Sorry for my poor photoshop drawings, but # 1 shows one of my favorite things about tweetdeck. When you scroll over someone icon it gives you a bunch of options. The top left is the @reply button, bottom left is the re-tweet (rt) and it will automatically copy and paste the rt, @ and text for you. Top right is to direct message someone.
#2, Tweetdeck has pop up notifications. It tells you how many of all frinds have tweeted and how many of your group has.

The bottom right is called other actions. When you click on it there are two options, user and tweet.

Under user, you can add the person to one of your groups. You can follow someone, unfollow someone, view their profile or search. (you can also see a profile by clicking on the username below the tweet).

Under tweet, you can add a tweet to your favorites, you can email the tweet, translate, untranslate, mark as read or delete.

One of my favorite things about tweetdeck, and I'm not sure I can explain this well, if you notice in the photo above, on the side bar isn't all the way to the top. When I need to concentrate on something, or at night when I'm done tweeting but I don't want to miss all the great tweets you guys post, I leave the scroll bar down one tweet, it stays on that tweet and in the morning or later in the day, I just scroll up and I don't miss anything. For me, it's easier than reading back.

So these are my tips, please contact me if you have any question.

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